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Michael Jackson's Death

Michael's Jackson's sudden death surprised many. Accurate details of his complex medical history were largely unknown to the public. (Properly so, as these should remain for any individual exquisitely private.) The assumption had been all along that, despite his difficulties with psychiatric, dermatological, and plastic surgery compromises and misadventures, his general cardiovascular and medical statuses were presumably good. After all, he had remained a world-class entertainer-- one about to undertake a physically and mentally demanding long term world tour. An unhealthy person could never withstand the demands of the schedule MJ was about to undertake.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, Michael Jackson DID have the equivalent of a fatal disease: absurd medical care!

No reasonable physician(s) under any circumstance would prescribe for any patient the collection of nonsensical, extremely dangerous, pharmacological drivel to which the unfortunate Jackson found himself subject. It is a mystery and a tragedy that Jackson would entrust his medical care to such quackery.

Everyone should exercise healthy scepticism of any medical treatment that does not conform to well established medical and scientific standards. Deviations from such standards should occur only in the context of well conducted and well controlled studies, under the direction of good physicians affiliated with good institutions.

Again, quack medicine and bad medicine are the equivalents of a fatal disease. Medical care is not the proper domain for "therapeutic adventurism".

Be well. Be careful.

Eli Goodman, MD

(This piece appeared several years ago on the senior citizens resource website:

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