Cartoons by Angela & Eli

 Concepts by Eli Goodman, illustrations by Angela Martinez 

There are currently over 350 cartoons, with many more on the way.

These are just a few of them. 

Golf, like life, is what you make of it.

Golf reminds us that not everything in life— including signs and restrictions— makes sense.

Movies and medicine have always had a strange symbiosis.

Spouses in happy marriages have learned not only how to properly listen to each other, but also how to accurately process dictation.

We can appreciate how our 911 operators often feel overwhelmed.

Yet more compelling reasons that ALL should receive the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Let us all proceed now to make OUR Earth the best one in the universe.

Our cartoon world acknowledges that in our good ol’ US of A the overwhelming majority of the top physicians are Democrats.

We welcome the matron of a new human subspecies. ChloroPhyllis and her family, the Cholorophylls of ChloroPhiladelphia, will see us through the challenges of climate change.

Will we ever have had enough of Trump, Rush, Republicans, and KRAP?

A bicycle mishap on July 31st caused Dr. G to sustain a shoulder injury that required surgical repair on September 24th. The artist, Angela Martinez, captures accurately the essence of Dr. G's immediate post-op recovery.

I am confident that Republicans agree with Hillary’s assertion that “It Takes A Village.”

It reassures us that even Republicans may find music, poetry, and the arts to be sources of inspiration. 

Dr. G has consistently been among those who advocate that all marriages can benefit from expert help.

How one poses in front of the world does, indeed, matter.

In my lifetime, I feared that the election of any of these Republican presidential candidates would lead to the destruction of organized society and the social order: Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan, GW Bush, and Trump. Turns out I was right.

I propose that the ideal Democrat Party ticket for the upcoming November Presidential election should be: NIKKI HALEY & ANDREW YANG. Biden should resign and proceed to get the medical attention he requires. And Dems need to convince Haley to cross over to our side.

No matter the age in which one lives, to sustain a marriage is always a tough assignment.

All physicians, including the frequently oblivious Dr. G, recognize that we miss stuff unless we take time to observe the entire person.

For now, the temptation to go forth in public without a mask reveals a naked contempt for public health.

My guess is that government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy, is not exactly what the Republican Abraham Lincoln had in mind.

Not only Republicans find endearing and infectious the President’s arrogant, self-serving, and anti-science personality.

Maybe we humans are not the only earthlings destined to infect other worlds.

A little bit of Divine Inspiration never hurt anybody, including those who worship “Reaganomics.”

We rational folks don’t expect Republicans to be able to predict the future; we simply want them to minimize their manipulations of the present.

Aliens (legal and otherwise), strangers, and space cadets: we should welcome them all and pay more attention to what they may have to offer us.

Those who think vegans are always hungry are simply out of touch with reality.

Even the LONE RANGER has had difficulty to come up with the best plan to fight this outlaw virus.

Although not overtly hereditary, “Dysfunctional Unpacking & Storage Disorder” (DUSD) is still a serious entity that can unravel family dynamics.

Good soup may help sustain us, but it sure can get messy when it spills over.

Politics and wisdom may come together, after all.

The good folks in places like Chad and Paraguay don’t know what they’re missing.

Republicans teach us that we can always judge a society by how well it takes care of its fortunate souls.

Those who make fun of themselves will always have a job.

One could argue that our world might be much better off if the current-day version of Republicans were entirely confined to the doll kingdom.

It’s a scientific fact that medical mysteries are real nail biters.

My psychiatry colleagues tell me that truly well rounded folks always have more than just one sports interest.

No one can possibly deny the indelibility of Republican fortitude.

We need to remind our Republican friends that their dreams are not of this world.

It seems that Republican logic is better suited to inspire cartoons than it is to help repair our troubled world.

We remind ourselves that for success to occur in the realms of golf and marriage, each requires total commitment.

We should not let distractions overwhelm how we confront the challenges of golf, marriage, and medicine.

It’s true, boys and girls: Democrats do get sad and lonely when their Republican friends abandon them. As Shakespeare would say: If a Republican should cut a Democrat, does not the Democrat then bleed.

For what it’s worth, here is how I perceive the difference between Democrats and Republicans: Democrats tend to ask lots of questions, whereas Republicans claim to have all the answers— something that truly wise folks know not to claim.

We US folks really are a special people. No society in the history of our species has ever developed such a heartfelt affinity for needs of the ultra-wealthy.

Dr. G falls hard and fast, it appears. But, then, are not all of us vulnerable to the wondrous vicissitudes of romance— including especially “LOVE AT FIRST SCRIBE.”

Nurses— with heart, pulse, and voice are the ones who lead the way for the sick to heal.

Respect is such an elusive entity. I conclude that probably the only ones ever guaranteed to receive it are those who can hit well the golf ball.

Let’s face it: in both golf and life, distance and perspective go a long way to keep us in the game.

Several slices of our world seem to be excessively computer-dependent.

Nothing like a day at the ballpark to give us respite from the intrusive elements and devices of modern day life.

“...and one more thing,” as Columbo would say: The electronic health record will never eliminate the need for a pen.

Many of my healthcare colleagues declare that the right to bear down on patients to make them do what we tell them to do shall not be infringed.

The best physicians always emphasize the importance of the thorough medical history.

Substitute the word “Plastics!”, and enjoy one of the great scenes of a movie that gets better and better as the years go by.

In both sports and life, everyone should always post their goals.

My colleague, Dr. G, and I always thought that “The Sopranos” was must-see TV for all physicians.

Baseball folks know how precious a single can be.

Seriously folks, the collegiate term “student athlete” is deceptive. The better term should be “athletic student.” Athletics should be part of a college education; never its primary focus. In many large universities, Division 1 sports override academics, to the detriment of students and society.

Ready access to expensive, excessive, and unnecessary health care has given me the confidence I need to proceed further with my ping pong aspirations.

Pity that this most perfect day of the week does not get the veneration it deserves.

The breathtaking speed with which our Republican friends can now drive us backward is truly wondrous to behold.

I maintain that as we get older the two things that control our lives are our bladders and our shoulders. These parts seem to give out before anything else.

Even oblivious people sometimes get things right.

Republican engineers assure us that we should be back to the Dark Ages in no time.

Mercifully, I did not avail myself of Republican wisdom at the time of my own college graduation at Penn, in 1969—one year after Donald Trump’s 1968 college graduation, also at Penn.

As a congenital Democrat, I may not fully appreciate the challenges to incubate a Republican.

Maybe wealth accumulation is not just for the 1% after all.

We are thankful that our Republican friends have resurrected for us the magic of fairy tales and mythology.

Mankind knows so little, obviously, about the joys and depths of the good oceanic life.

No one says it’s rocket surgery, but wound care medicine is not at all easy to master.

Among the few scientists who are Republican these days, there remains the belief that the trickle-down force, like the gravity force, actually exists.

I wonder if Julie Andrews could have mastered Republican soul music.

Just the same, I still need to work on my putting game.

The old world, football, and Republicans— flat out perfect for each other.

All sports leagues must take seriously the Second Amendment.

This is the league where the kids of the wealthy can learn that no sacrifice is ever needed to steal— signs, bases, or home— from the less well off.

No cure yet in sight for this prevalent, dreadful malady.

It takes a special Dad to have a fabulous kid.

For some reason, women seem to be immune to the scourge of paper cuts.

"It's always great when a spouse makes one's life easier than it would otherwise be."

“Like life, a platitude is what you make of it.”

It appears that we men have a way to go yet.

"Who says women are the only Super Heroes!"

“Who said that parenthood is all that difficult…”

"Indeed, no one should ever end up without a good pathologist."

"Although remote, this kid is really game."

"As an internist, I think it is important that I keep up with my dermatology colleagues."

"Everything in moderation-- even veggies."

"Hope I have enough energy left to also uphold high my head"

"My Republication friends have every reason to be optimistic. No need to look further."

© 2016 Eli Goodman, M.D.
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