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Cartoons by Eli & Bryon

 Concepts by Eli Goodman, illustrations by Bryon Gilbert 

There are currently over 450 cartoons, with many more on the way. These are just a few of them.

no matter

 No matter what it takes to rationalize it, a dedicated Republican always stands ready to kill any important societal challenge.


Even the ability to text is unlikely to bring meaning to the lives of kids of Republicans.

Republicans remind us.jpg

Republicans remind us that even the most optimistic canards may be subject to misuse and ignorance.

Do kids.jpg

For Republicans, life is so simple (minded).

For Republicans life w.jpg

Few fictions in life are more astonishing than canard Republicans.

Republicans are people.jpg

Republicans are people, too; but that’s about it.

The scent

As my daughter said when she was a kid: “What’s that stink!?”


Republicans remind us that even selfish, oblivious, narrow-minded, tunnel-visioned folks are capable to project optimism. Proof that the “R” in “Republican stands for “Rationalization.

After all these years,.jpg

After all these years, and despite my excellent public school education, I still don’t know what the word “existential” means. It’s possible, therefore, that there may be some merit after all to the disdain of Republicans for public education and other social programs that benefit all of society.

Apparently, every genuine.jpg

Apparently, every genuine oppression of the human condition represents an opportunity for Republicans to exercise their abundant powers of dismissal, denial, or ignorance. 

There is a great need.jpg

There is a great need to establish an SPCCR— Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children of Republicans. 

It would otherwise be.jpg

It would otherwise be difficult to define exactly the concept of social dead ends, but the combination of Republican logic and Republican obsession with profit makes it surprisingly easy.

For republicans, utopia.jpg

For Republicans, utopia might not be that hard to achieve, after all.


According to the Republican mindset, the best way to solve societal problems is to ignore them.


In a world awash with oxymorons, none trump REPUBLICAN LOGIC.

It's reassuring.jpg

It’s reassuring that here in the good ol’ US of A we have access to a major political party that promotes profit above all else— without the need for any of those pesky inconveniences such as taxes, social services, public institutions, preservation of environmental resources, public health, and advancement of the social contract.


Unfortunately, our US Constitution does not guarantee “Republican-State Separation.”

It appears that lately.jpg

It appears that lately Jesus has been scratching His head quite a bit.

Latest Republican.jpg

Latest Republican dance craze: "Moonwalk Shuffle" back to the  11th century.

One supposes that a U.S. political party has to go in SOME direction, even if it is a backward one.


Suggestion: No one ever gets hurt all that badly if one first asks permission to take a disruptive cellphone call.

Not sure.jpg

Not sure that golf is the answer to Dr. G’s conundrums; but may 2021 be a better year for not only Dr. G’s game but also for all of mankind’s important “games”— of life, health, peace, social justice, mercy, tolerance, repair, restoration, environmental protections, and economic equities.

There are

There are times when the usually oblivious Dr. G is right on target. The electronic health record is not supposed to be a subterfuge for physicians who do not care to be thorough.

There's always.jpg

There’s always that thin line between stud and nerd.

As is.jpg

As is true in sports— and in all of life, for that matter— we know that every decision about every point carries weight.

No wonder.jpg

No wonder Republicans have had so much success.

Nothing like sports.jpg

Nothing like sports to teach us how to minimize obstacles.

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