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The White Horse

The White Horse

The story of The White Horse teaches that one should not judge others by superficial appearances. Written by Eli Goodman, MD, and brillantly illustrated by Brenda Beck Fisher, it is suitable for all ages, including for younger children who will enjoy to have others read it to them.

Great for book clubs and schools!       
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "The White Horse is a rare book that both children and adults can enjoy equally. It teaches an important lesson not to judge by superficial appearances, a message needed more today than ever." (Amazon Customer)

“...I did read The White Horse and it was incredible. I love the way you tied in so many controversial issues going on in today's world, but then tie it in with your patient— although at first I thought the patient was going to be an albino child in an African American family. Did not know that it was a burn victim. That must have been an humbling experience you went through. Not many people can say they changed somebody's life in that sense. I wish I could have the opportunity to change so many lives as you have. That's an incredible story, and I'm going to pass it along to my friends and have them read it. Talk about not judging a book by its cover and racism, which are two issues currently affecting our daily lives. Thank you for sharing your book with me…" (M.S. Chicago, IL)


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