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Elizabeth Watson

Elizabeth Watson, is a freelance media consultant in Springfield, Illinois. In addition to writing, editing, and marketing, Elizabeth specializes in partnering with authors to navigate the sometimes complicated process of publishing their work. From helping clarify the message to ensuring the finished product is free from errors, Elizabeth helps writers effectively share their stories. Contact Elizabeth  at


Brenda Beck Fisher

Brenda Beck Fisher, of Hannibal, Missouri, has lived in Missouri most of her life. The recipient of many local and national awards, she is a signature member of the Missouri Watercolor Society, a juried member of Best Of Missouri Hands, and a member of numerous national watercolor societies. Brenda illustrated The White Horse, as well as the children’s book, My Tractor and Me, by Mia Pennewell. It is Brenda’s desire that her watercolors bring joy to those who make her art a part of their lives.

Angela M.png

Angela Martinez

Angela Martinez, is an artist with over 6 years of experience doing digital design and other Illustrations. Angela is passionate about what she does. She will work hard to solve problems quickly and creatively.  She wants to please every client with her expertise and patience. Art for Angela is being able to express and bare a gift that has been given to her.

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Bryon Gilbert

Dedicated to the arts, he proclaims the name Renaissance Man. While some are deaf to the term. He plans to showcase his talents and bring art, in many different forms to one place of cultivation.

Bryon Gilbert is a visual artist that loves to create on canvas, murals, shop decor, and many other things he wants to experiment with but would take to long to list is the expression of life...through hearing, seeing, eating, and some would say breathing. 

You can contact or follow Bryon Gilbert on Instagram @phurcite, or by email:


Zach Vorreyer

Zach, a student at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, is an artist inspired by many different categories of media. He has intense interest in music, sports, and cinema, which influence his creativity. In his free time, he enjoys putting his own ideas on paper, consisting of either art or writing. A perfectionist, Zach takes whatever steps necessary to ensure his work is his absolute best.


Michelle Keokham

Michelle Keokham, From the time she was in high school, Michelle has known that she wanted to own and run her own business. She has taken that entrepreneurial spirit and her commitment to customer service and has built Box & Go in Springfield into a packing and shipping business that serves the needs of Central Illinois. Large or small, around the block or around the


Debbie Cohen

Debbie Cohen, designed the website and handles all of our social media marketing for EliGoodmanMD. Debbie specializes in the personal touch. She  is a dedicated 

individual committed to helping you build your social brand and your company.  She cares about each and every customer and wants

everyone to succeed. 


Robert & Barbara Dorfman

Robert and Barbara Dorfman of Peregrine Associates: On January 1, 1987, Peregrine Associates was, well...hatched in Doylestown, Bucks County Pennsylvania. Today, we have grown to be a successful family run business offering over 50 years of combined experience offering Advertising, Marketing and Printing services  -- coming from both sides of the advertising world. All from our office and showroom located in Warrington Pennsylvania. Having started Peregrine Associates 30 years ago, Robert has become the creative force behind the production of the advertising and marketing materials.

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Eva Vikman

Eva Vikman, Illustrator and Artist for the calendar. They call her Dotmonster, but in all actuality, she's just Eva. Like two of her earliest influences, Dali and Magritte, Eva Vikman considers herself to be an artistic rebel. She's endlessly experimenting with her mediums and subject matter to try to create imagination-provoking images. She often tunes into inspirations such as her love for nature, animals, and flow arts to help her connect her spontaneous (and sometimes frantic) style into something that has harmony. Eva says, "I can only hope to bring others a fraction of the joy I'm filled with while creating my work."  Contact Eva  at

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Suvi Mayfield

Suvi Mayfield is an artist who spends her talent on traditional art and graphic design, as well as several other hobbies. She loves to practice music, writing, hair coloring/styling, sewing, and most other creative fields. She appreciates the beauties of the world, and prefers to travel over settling in one spot. Over time she hopes to build a career in graphic design, and her dream is to one day have her own cartoon show that she animates for.

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