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From an old family recipe, MaXXauce offers you this amazing finishing sauce that really is good – On Everything!

It's time to MAXX out on flavor and taste! It's great on meats, fish, eggs, potatoes, rice, beans, soups, dips..and so much more!


By definition, MaXXauce is good on EVERYTHING!!
In no particular order, my personal favorites for MaXXauce are: potatoes, eggs, baked beans, fish, soup, rice, pizza (yes, pizza).  Especially, if any of these foods are on the “dry” side.  I, myself, don’t eat meat, but the rest of the planet loves MaXXauce on meat— again especially if the meat is a bit dry. Some folks like to cook with the sauce; but most just pour it on after the food is already prepared.  There is no incorrect way to use the stuff. Also remember: “A lot goes a long way.”


Remember, not only is #MaXXauce good on everything, but a lot goes a long way.

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