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Cartoons by Eli & Zach

 Concepts by Eli Goodman, illustrations by Zach Vorreyer

There are currently over 450 cartoons, with many more on the way. These are just a few of them.


For the final cartoon in my upcoming book, to be titled “GOLF IS LIFE… Or Close To It,” Dr. G not only hits a rare great shot, but he also offers up grand words of wisdom. Perhaps there is yet hope for mankind, our earth, and maybe even Dr. G’s game.” (The book will be out in early 2024.)

Assuming the cert.jpg

Assuming the certainty that Dr. G will lose every hole, we calculate that this ill-advised Nassau format match will cost him $1700.

Thus, he will not have enough cash on hand to pay his caddy, Gort. An angry Gort is surely not what the earth needs these troubled days. Therefore, we conclude that Dr. G’s golf game and oblivious personality represent a threat to mankind’s survival.


In the great 1951 movie, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, an intergalactic planetary consortium— worried that the nuclear weapons proliferation on earth represents a threat to the entire universe— sends to our planet their best “persuaders,” Klaatu and Gort. K & G are tasked to convince earthlings to stop their escalating spiral of nuclear weapons, or risk obliteration by their bosses from far away. Unfortunately, Klaatu and Gort’s noble mission is derailed, once they perceive that it is more important to save the planet from Dr. G’s inept golf game.

Dr.Gs pathetic.jpg

Frankly, we too are pleased that modern-day Hollywood has expressed absolutely no interest in Dr. G’s desultory golf game, despite his caddy Odd Job’s prodigious movie pedigree. By the bye, Hollywood insiders report that Odd Job has finally had enough as Dr. G’s caddy and is about to declare his intention to take a sabbatical. Rumor has it that Dr. G has already lined up a replacement caddy, a bloke with an even more formidable place in Hollywood lore. Who could it be? Hint: he’s not of this world. Stay tuned…

No doubt James.jpg

No doubt James Bond would approve of Dr. G’s ability to redirect Odd Job’s lethal skill towards a more benign activity. As for Goldfinger, maybe not so much.

Despite the.jpg

Despite the bizarre nature of golf’s practitioners, the game, itself, probably does conform to the laws of physics.

As the group.jpg

As the group approached the green to pick up Dr. G’s miraculous hole-in-one ball, an elated Dr. G expounded: “In golf, as in life, it’s vital to pick the right club for every shot."


Presumably, this cartoon will appeal mostly to those who are knowledgable about both golf and cinema. Also, in Dr. G’s grandiose world, “meticulous”
more than just rhymes with both “oblivious” and “ridiculous.”

Let's be.jpg

Let’s be honest about it, some folks are just destined to over achieve.

As Dr. G's.jpg

As Dr. G’s volatile caddie, Odd Job, contemplates resignation (or who knows what else), he wonders if Dr. G teaches the grandkids equanimity, failure, or exasperation.

What the.jpg

What the eternally optimistic and oblivious Dr. G really meant to say to his skeptical grandkids is: “…and putting FOR BIRDIE."

Occasionally, even.jpg

Occasionally, even the oblivious Dr. G gets it right: From any angle, all things in the universe are, indeed, pin high.

We all.jpg

We all know that both in golf and in life, it’s the little putts/little things that count.


Without rationalizations, golf, like life, would be even more impossible.

Golf is.jpg

Golf is like life, especially if you’re not very good at it.

Not even.jpg

Not even a legendary caddie can do much for Dr. G’s game.

Those who recall. Dr.G.jpg

Those who recall the classic 1964 movie, “Goldfinger,” might have the impression that the scuffle towards the end of the movie between Goldfinger’s iconic guardian, Odd Job, and James Bond resulted in Odd Job’s fatal electrocution. But that is not the case, at all. The truth is that the indestructible Odd Job survived the electrocution, went into seclusion for a time, took voice lessons, learned English; and just recently found himself hired by Dr. G to be Dr. G's caddie, chauffeur, body guard, and personal assistant.

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