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Cartoons by Eli & Eva

 Concepts by Eli Goodman, illustrations by Eva Vikman

There are currently over 450 cartoons, with many more on the way. These are just a few of them.


Sadly, the euphoria of the simple-minded Republican life has always eluded me.

It's always nice.jpg

It’s always nice to see doctors and their assistants on a first-name basis. After all, medicine is a team game.


Persistence and commitment to excellence are the essences of golf— applicable to physicians, cartoonists, and just about all of us.

Coal and fossil.jpg

Coal and fossil fuels are not the only power sources that energize Republicans.


Contrary to stereotypical belief, Republicans of color do, in fact, exist.

At the end.jpg

“At the end of the day,” boys and girls... well, the day simply ends. But it seems that trite speech will always be there for us the next morning. Alas, it is what it is.

Physicians should be.jpg

Physicians should be aware that a sudden inability to text may be a cardinal manifestation of disease.

The eternal.jpg

The eternal competition between competence vs bedside manner is a true conundrum. Can the two ever co-exist in superior states?


Cellular physiology no doubt contributes to the wonders of romance.

No one should.jpg

No one should ever underestimate the fortitude of the 1%.

Republicians openly.jpg

Republicans openly regret that it took them this long to recognize Robin Hood’s potential.

No matter.jpg

No matter how competent or not one may be, it always pays to be nice.


Renowned polar explorers have always insisted that there IS kale in them there ice fields and glaciers.

Law of Nature.jpg

Law Of Nature: As a person texteth or tweeteth, so that person shall become.

Maybe we should.jpg

Maybe we should define the “New age of enlightenment” as the time when Republicans will appear only in movies.

So many prosp.jpg

Both Dr. G and I remain captivated by past, present, and future exes.

It's always fac.jpg

It’s always fascinating to observe mankind’s perpetual search for the impossible.

Mail is life.jpg

Mail is life. Life is mail. Speed only counts in sports and physics. The epistolary way is always the write way to be.

One of my favorite quotes.jpg

One of my favorite quotes (author unknown to me) is this one: “An unused stamp is but half a contract.” As you can see, it’s a matter I take it very seriously.

I believe that.jpg

I believe that ultimately it will be pizza that brings all of us to a better state.

Yes, I DID.jpg

Yes, I DID just order and consume 2 Big Macs without meat. Rather pedestrian, but edible. Cheese Whoppers without meat taste better, I think.

I've often wondered.jpg

I’ve often wondered what is the source of Republican beliefs.

But technology.jpg

But technology not yet invented to help me sink those 6-foot putts.

Dr. G has always.jpg

Dr. G has always subscribed to the theory that good medicine involves a substantial amount of panic.

Republican heroism.jpg

Republican heroism always gives us pause.

Let's face it.jpg

Let’s face it: Dr. G has never been cut out to be a Republican.

Yes, I DID.jpg

There will come a day when vegetarians and vegans get proper respect.

Most likely.jpg

Most likely, Dr. G now wishes he took that offer several years ago to settle down in Chad.

For vegans, golf.jpg

For vegans, golf has always presented strong conundrums.

My Republican friends assure me that goo

My Republican friends assure me that good beer will see us through the return of bad air.


“What if...” is always a tough way to live.

A surgeon.jpg

Dr. G has had a lot of dreams.

We need to.jpg

We need to remind ourselves periodically of golf’s inherent element of danger.

No sacrifice.jpg

No sacrifice of the social contract too great in the pursuit of Republican Olympic Gold.

No question that.jpg

No question that I’ve had my lifetime share of terrific ex and divorce.

The boundaries of golf.jpg

The boundaries of golf and life have always perplexed me.


My inside sources tell me that “RATIONAL REPUBLICAN” was a close runner-up.

Existentially speaking,.jpg

Existentially speaking, you are what your golf game says you are.

Anthropological and political.jpg

Anthropological and political sciences have nothing over the Bible.

The rangefinder.jpg

The rangefinder mitigates my tendency to over-club myself.

What would we do.jpg

What would we do without sports?!

More Republican psychiatrists.jpg

More Republican psychiatrists needed to minimize obsessions in kids. In adults too, for that matter.

A sense of entrapment.jpg

A sense of entrapment has been forever part of my game.

Not much else.jpg

Not much else left in life to not master.

Can there possibly.jpg

Can there possibly remain any doubt about how it all began?

My world would.jpg

My world would surely be less complex if I learned how to be a Republican.

Nothing like societal.jpg

Nothing like societal challenges to fire up our Republican friends.

Magicians must surely admire.jpg

Magicians must surely admire Republicans the most, as both utilize to the maxx diversion, distortion, deflection, and deception.

The exes.jpg

The exes probably also forget Dr. G’s, as well.

All of us (and.jpg

All of us (and apparently everything else in the universe) are connected— to Olney, Illinois.

Everyone, including Republicans.jpg

Everyone, including Republicans, loves movies.

Who says that Republicans.jpg

Who says that Republicans eschew math and science!

Medical protocols .jpg

Medical protocols have always perplexed me.

maybe poverty.jpg

Maybe poverty is the solution to our trash problem.

Having been all.jpg

Having been all my life “high touch, low tech,” Dr. Flippp’s (yes, with 3 p’s) new app intimidates me.

In theory, all windbags.jpg

In theory, all windbags eventually run out of air.


And let’s face it, internal medicine has never been for me an easy operation, either.

It appears that my lifelong.jpg

It appears that my lifelong quest to hit a golf ball straight has been a misguided one.

I thank the.jpg

 I thank the Creator that the Creator gave me the insight to be both a Rotarian and a Democrat, as I never had the courage and strength to be a SEAL.

Further proof.jpg

Further proof that for every conundrum there is always a logical explanation.


Let’s acknowledge that great medical care should also include convenience.

The years sure.jpg

The years sure go by quickly— it’s already 170 on Jupiter.

The S.H.E.jpg

"It must be tough to be a Republican these days, as so many folks out there seem incapable to find Republican entreaties useful."

No enlightenment.jpg

No enlightenment ever evident in Republican radio’s perpetual absences of debate and doubt. Nothing but KRAP 24/7, indeed.

Being high touch.jpg

Being high touch, low tech, has always been a troublesome way to live.


Also why I’m not a vet, dentist, SEAL, or astronaut.

Decent shopping.jpg

Decent shopping is a hallmark of the new social order.

You only live twice.jpg

“You Only Live Twice.”


OK, boys and girls: There’s been much gossip out there that despite the fact that I am a congenital Democrat who daily gives thanks to The Creator that The Creator did not make me a Republican, I actually share much in common with Donald Trump. Perhaps so. DT and I are essentially the same age. We both went to Penn for our undergraduate studies, and we both have a bunch of ex’s. While we do not share the same religion, we both love Israel and the Jewish people.

But most important, I think, is that we both believe this maxim taught to us by a legendary Penn professor of religious studies: “If it rhymes, it must be true.”
(No fake news here: The lyrics to DT’s favorite song above derive from the eponymous theme song— sung by Nancy Sinatra-- of the 1967 James Bond movie, “You Only Live Twice.”)

True liberation.jpg

True liberation! Dave Ramsey needs to hear about this.

We hear that nothing.jpg

We hear that nothing is impossible, but golf probably comes close.

From the treasured.jpg

From the treasured “RTTA Manual Of The Meaningful Life”: “It is never wise to squander wealth on the social contract.”

It is amazing.jpg

It is an amazing Republican strategy that the best way to handle societal challenges is to ignore, vilify, defund, and eliminate efforts to solve the challenges.

For better or worse.jpg

For better or worse, I can say with all confidence that the Republican chromosome has never run in my family.

It's not myth.jpg

It’s no myth that dragons & I don’t get along.

My republican friends seem.jpg

My Republican friends seem proud of any wall that shuts out hopes of a better social order.

It's not easy to.jpg

It’s not easy these days to overcome the lack of hardship to become a star. We need more success stories like this one.

Despite this magazine.jpg

Despite this magazine’s popularity, I still fear that my Republican friends demonstrate no real interest to help repair our broken world.

Maybe this is.jpg

Maybe this is why I always tend to run late in the clinic.

I envy my Republican.jpg

I envy my Republican friends that they have their very own magazine.

I personally think.jpg

"I personally think vegans make the best future ex's."

I wonder if.jpg

I wonder if the Kremlin’s Komcast rates are better than those we get here.

Is it possible.jpg

Is it possible that even a decent Republican might represent a danger to us?!

There will always be that rare.jpg

There will always be that rare Republican who occasionally steals a glimpse ahead— beyond the 11th century.

Ah, to be.jpg

Ah, to be Republican and free. Can’t beat it.


Fortunately, this pumpkin finds himself with access to an excellent “PPO” (Pumpkin Provider Organization).

Halloween 2017.jpg

Proper medical care for pumpkins is no joke, boys & girls— especially on Halloween.

“TUSM,” by the way, stands for Tufts Univ. School Of Medicine— my med school alma mater. Fabulous school. Located in Boston— a cool city that even Philadelphians can appreciate.

Halloween 2017.jpg

Republicans apparently have solved the intellectual conundrum that it is possible to love one’s country, but not necessarily its people.

republicans apparently.jpg

Republicans apparently have solved the intellectual conundrum that it is possible to love one’s country, but not necessarily its people.

Physicians should.jpg

Physicians should always secure the safety of their patients.

Indeed lets.jpg

Indeed, let's keep pure our pristine land.

You know.jpg

I suppose it's finally time for me to learn how to "Skype."

Indeed why.jpg

Indeed, why would we need anyone ruin the grandeur of "Middle America."

My republican friends insist.jpg

My Republican friends insist there's nothing that capitalism can't fix.

And here.jpg

And here I had thought that Philly was the center of the universe.

At last.jpg

At last, a cartoon that even my Republican friends should enjoy.

Golfers at times.jpg

Golfers at times are actually useful to the world at large.

when it does.jpg

When it does happen, excellent medical care is truly out of this world.


“I’m disappointed that croquet season is over.”


Some of us can't see the forest for the kale.


“As an internist, my diagnosis of Dr. G’s condition would be 'chart deficiencies anemia. I don’t think it’s all in his head.“


"I, too, can't live without my stapler. I hate paper clips."

daily thanks to Rep.jpg

“I daily give thanks that Republicans are always there to inspire us.”

int med cont.jpg

"Internal Medicine continues to evolve."


I've never quite been sure what "existentialism" is or means, but I think this dog probably has it right.

FF returns.jpg

"Always remember to tip well your busy internist."

real 6th sense.jpg

Occasionally, one might see dumb people off the golf course, as well.

Fake news.jpg

Fake news is less likely when there are flies on the wall.

golf master.jpg

Maybe it is possible to master golf, after all. And we all know that great golf is vital to a good marriage.

DT tweets.jpg

DT may be right: To help those in need is rarely a good business opportunity.

Vegan village.jpg

“It takes a vegan village - to make life great for all living creatures.”

golfers wives.jpg

"Golfers should choose carefully their spouses."

passion h 2.jpg

"Golfers should choose carefully their spouses."

golf is.jpg

"Gomer Goober, MD confirms what we already knew— that golf is tougher than medicine."

Rep medical science.jpg

"Our Republican friends have contributed mightily to the latest in medical science.

law and order.jpg

My fellow internist, Dr. Goober, proves that "it's never too late."

holism hospital.jpg

"There is so much to be said about "holism."

pay tribute to 2.jpg

“We pay tribute to those who patiently stand, drink, and listen.”

passion hospital 2.jpg

“Proud to say that medical science is up for any challenge.”

Rep KRAP.png

“Proud to say that medical science is up for any challenge.”

robin Hood.png

“Proud to say that medical science is up for any challenge.”

3 days charts.jpg

"Another reason that I am not a rich doctor."

Pope and Prez.jpg

"Nice to know that no opportunity will ever elude our Prez."

Passion Hospital.jpg

"My fellow internist friend can't seem to catch a break."

Rep Opt shoppe.jpg

“Hat’s off now to my Republican friends who have the vision to make narrow-mindedness not something that only the wealthy can afford.”

tunnel vision.jpg

"Now I know why my Republican friends call themselves 'visionaries'."

Rep rant radio.jpg
Rep think tank.jpg
Yo Houston.jpg
Uranus faults.jpg
Rush Limbaugh.jpg
live in conditioner.jpg
super scouts.jpg
military golf.jpg
Celebrate March 14.jpg
Bedside manner.jpg

"Now I know why my Republican friends call themselves 'visionaries'."

Jupiter Nasa.jpg
miracle lanes.jpg
Cancer cure.jpg

"We Democrats should also be appreciative of these significant medical breakthroughs."


"Fortunately, for the vulnerable wealthy, not everyone thinks like this bozo."


"1807- It was a very good year"

paper cut div.jpg

"Pleased to report that all the patients in this scene had CAT scans of their paper cuts that showed no extra damage."

Tues Night bocce.jpg

"Pleased to report that all the patients in this scene had CAT scans of their paper cuts that showed no extra damage."


"I think I know this guy's brother, 'Mr. Canard.'"

lessons in p.jpg

"Yet another excuse to explain why I am not a wealthy man."


"Everyone seems so worried these days about global warming."

God app 1.10.jpg
lessons in.jpg

"Maybe this explains the imperfections in my game."

2 holidays.jpg

"Gets confusing, apparently--Hanukkah & Christmas on the same day!!"

golf swing.jpg
text dating.jpg
box and go.jpg

"The Real Key To A Great Romance."

golf handicap.jpg

"Love at first post."


"Dr. Flippp's (yes, with 3 p's) practice continues to grow."

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