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Cartoons by Eli & Suvi

 Concepts by Eli Goodman, illustrations by Suvi Mayfield

There are currently over 450 cartoons, with many more on the way. These are just a few of them.


Surprisingly, there may yet still be a remnant in today’s Republican party of moderate middle-of-the-road souls.

Some health.jpg

Some health food stores can be difficult to digest.


​Signs of redundancy are everywhere these days; as my progressive, caring, broad-minded, visionary, altruistic, social Democrat friends constantly remind me.

I admire.jpg

I admire the simplicity of the world in which my Republican friends live. Must be nice— a world without any grey. However, for better or worse, it is not the one I inhabit.

Never underestimate the wonders of.jpg

Never underestimate the wonders of shopping excitement. I hear of plans to bring to town now also a Dollar General Outlet store.

They bring.jpg

Green supremacists must always stand proud and never subject themselves to intimidation, intrusion, or shame.

Never forget.jpg

Never forget: phrases matter— except when they don’t. And that, at the end of the day— well, the day simply ends, doesn’t it?

Our abundance.jpg

Our abundance of food is proof that The Creator blesses the principle of church-mall separation.

Dr. G's.jpg

Dr. G’s golf game will never defy the laws of nature— or the environment.

May there.jpg

May there soon come a day when the entirety of mankind rides the wave of peace, harmony, justice, tolerance, and prosperity— for ALL!


Once again, Dr. G finds himself at the confluence of golf and marriage, both of which-- like the practice of medicine— come with unrealistic expectations and are impossible to master.

We must.jpg

We must make available to everyone the magic of excellent medical care.


Golf, medicine, and marriage are the perfect substrates for the cartoonist; as all come with unrealistic expectations, and all are impossible to master. Just ask Dr. G.

They say.jpg

They say capitalism is good for everything, but a lot of folks just don’t get it.

When in.jpg

When in doubt, best to eat write and refer.


Somehow, the majesty of DT never rubbed off on Dr. G.


Never underestimate the pleasures of U.S. small town social life.

Our brave.jpg

Our brave new world of panaceas, placebos, and fads may or may not see us through.

It appears that with.jpg

It appears that with his recent successes in the theater of medicine, Dr. G has put on indefinite hold his previously contemplated transition to the Senior PGA tour.

Most of.jpg

Most of us would advise Dr. G that golf has always been harder to master than medicine.

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