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Below is the link to an article about my recently patented RHETORICON, the latest and perhaps greatest punctuation mark.  The writer, Karen Witter, did a phenomenal job. She is a member of my Springfield (Illinois) Rotary club, a well-known columnist and writer; and, like me, a fellow lover of language. So why would she not write a brilliant column about a punctuation mark that is likely to forever enhance civilization


Eli Goodman, MD received on June 1, 2021, an official US Design Patent (US D921,104 S) for his previously trademarked punctuation mark, the RHETORICON— an entity that he first conceived approximately two years ago after reading a Reader’s Digest article that described eleven obscure, essentially never-used, but legitimate punctuation marks such as the interrobang, acclamation point, and snark mark.

Dr. Goodman’s RHETORICON is suitable to mark the end of a sentence, phrase, statement, or comment that is both rhetorical and sarcastic; with or without a sense of double entendre. 

An example would be: What could be better than to be at once both rhetorical and sarcastic.

Goodman is proud to be one of the few in the history of mankind to have a patent in the arcane world of grammar and punctuation marks. 

While RHETORICON tee shirts, postcards, stampers, and other ephemera are already available; the real next step is to make the RHETORICON a universal mainstream emoji, something that Goodman maintains would forever enhance civilization.  - The Pennsylvania Gazette

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