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Homilies to the Wealthy

I have thought of some homilies to the wealthy. (See below.) The wealthy are, after all, the ultimate source of inspiration. So, why bother with false idols.

Many of my Republican friends will still miss the point of my ridiculous “homilies": that one’s good fortune, if he or she is lucky enough to have any, is always dependent on multiple factors, including luck and the efforts of others. It is never due to self-sufficiency alone. No one is ever truly a "totally self-made” entity. Hillary was right, as she usually is: “It takes a village…"

And, they will also miss the point that, with few exceptions, the poor are, indeed, trapped in the cement of poverty. And, that it is not a character flaw, or a mental illness, to try to help the down-and-out with large-scale public (i.e. “government”) programs, even if these programs often turn out to be inefficient or messy. After all, it’s expensive to be both poor and to try to help the poor. (That sounds like Yogi Berra.) .

Let'$ begin:

You don't have to be wealthy to worship the wealthy or to blame the poor for all the problems of this world.

Was it Reagan who said: "I am pleased to report that the war on poverty is over and that the poor have lost."

If the wealthy could cure poverty, they would.

It's never too late to become greedy.

Never a need to be poor and Republican.

Love money; use people.

Cash doesn't bounce.

When you tax the wealthy or a corporation, do they not bleed the same as do the poor?

Wealth cannot buy happiness, but it's way ahead of whatever else might be in second place. (From an Earl Nightingale presentation.)

Worship the wealthy, not false idols.

Do not turn your back to the blood of the wealthy.

The worried wealthy merit your worry.

The greatness of a society is directly proportional to how well it treats its wealthy.

Welfare for the wealthy is the best investment.

Ask not what the wealthy can do for you, but rather what you can do for the wealthy.

"It is always easy to bear with fortitude the sufferings of others." (William Somerset Maugham)

Trickle up Buttercup.

True happiness lies in the attainment of wealth, not just in the pursuit of it.

The meek, poor, and downtrodden shall inherit-- nothing!!

The really wealthy make money the old fashioned way: they inherit it.

One of the most laudable concepts of private initiative and private enterprise is the inspiration that the wealthy can and should opt out of the "social contract."

It is the fault of the poor that the wealthy are not even more so.

You don't have to be wealthy to worry about the wealthy.

Wealth should never repress the desire for more of it.

If love were money, the wealthy would still prefer money.

A Republican in need is no Republican.

Both the poor and the wealthy can always do a better job to empathize with the wealthy.

If the poor really wanted to be wealthy, they'd still have no shot.

Existentially, the wealthy are who they say they are.

Wealth is its own reward.

I dreamed I met a poor Republican-- and then I awakened from my dream.

The wealthy who pretend to be poor just can't do it.

Tears from the wealthy tend to evaporate quickly.

You can't take your wealth with you when you die, but so what.

The cost of living and everything else is also going up for the wealthy.

The poor who make fun of the wealthy don't know what it's like.

The talmud teaches that one should not carelessly impoverish oneself-- and the wealthy surely don't.

Open your hearts to the poor-- just don't take out your wallet or pay any tax that you can dodge.

Was it Julia Child who said: "It's a pity to be afraid of one's wealth."

I think one of my ex's was a Republican.

Money can’t ever be evil. After all, it’s just a root. Money can't buy happiness, but the wealthy don't care. If love was money, the wealthy would not only be poor but also largely in debt. When you see someone down and out, don't do something and don't just stand there. Run away! When the wealthy have something that money can't buy, they don't believe it.

So, have I not make it exquisitely clear, then, that it is the poor who owe everything to the wealthy. It is for good reason that here in our great country, we have "welfare for the wealthy."

The best things in life are-- expensive!

It is a sacred obligation for the poor to take care of the wealthy.

The best way to eliminate poverty is to get rid of the poor.

The world owes you nothing; unless, of course, you happen to be wealthy.

A wealthy person can never rest, as it is contrary to his or her nature to think “Perhaps I have enough."

You only live twice: one life for yourself, and one for your schemes.

"A rising tide lifts all boats" might work; but invariably the ultra-wealthy know to divert the tide waters to their own lakes.


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