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The Twaddle of "Choose" and "Decide"

The ultimate trite twaddle this concept is of "choice and decision" that determines one's lot in life. So the person CHOSE to break his or her arm; chose to be a victim of disease, crime, homelessness, poverty, the Holocaust, global warming, rape, and a fraudulent bank?

Clearly the well off and the lucky choose and decide to be so. So that those who do not do so are doomed to fair poorly. It's really just that simple. No question, life is so easy when you choose it to be that way.

Kick the beggar in the street, as, obviously, he decided and chose to be one. By the way, I choose to believe that this is what many of my Republicans & Muslim friends choose to believe.

Those who do not choose this way to reason away the difficulties of our fellow man seem doomed to a miserable life of worrying about and caring for others rather than just themselves. My "conservative" friends call such miserable people "liberals." A nice, tidy explanation.

Let's face it, as the great writer, W. Somerset Maugham wrote: "It is always easy to bear with fortitude the sufferings of others."

"...and one more thing," as my hero "Columbo," would say: one of the most meaningless and overused words in our world is the word "choice," along with all its derivative words.

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