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Eli Goodman, M.D.

Website of humorist, social justice advocate, celebrated author of The White Horse and The Adventures of Abe, The $5 Bill. Also cartoon creator, inventor of the 5-Square game, and the patented Rhetoricon punctuation mark.

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Abe is a $5 bill, and he is the all-knowing, all-seeing narrator of  The Adventures Of Abe, The $5 Bill. Abe vividly recalls the most memorable adventures of his 20-year career in active circulation. 

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Inspired by a real-life revelational experience,  the fable of  The White Horse proves that racism is not only morally wrong, but contrary to biologic science. The White Horse also teaches that one should not judge another by superficial characteristics.

Eli Goodman M.D.

Eli Goodman, MD

Eli Goodman, MD, the author of the THE ADVENTURES OF ABE, THE $5 BILL, has lived in Springfield, Illinois, since 2009. He grew up in Philadelphia and still considers himself to be a “congenital” Philadelphian, with all the traits and mannerisms of intensity, humor, and collective memory that derive from the unique environment of the people and the city that he terms “the center of the universe.” 


He is an internal medicine physician who during his long career has worked as a clinician and medical director in many different settings, including large community health centers and correctional facilities. 

He also has roles as a medical consultant, medico-legal review consultant, and medical director of several organizations. 


His publications include books, articles, essays, and cartoons. He has created and hosted radio programs.


He has leadership roles and is active in multiple community organizations, including the Springfield (IL) Sunrise Rotary Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Illinois, the Sangamon County Medical Society, the Illinois State Medical Society, and the Sangamon County Coroner’s Case Fatality Review Committee. 


Dr. Goodman— a self-described “communitarian,” to borrow the term from the late Dr. Randy Pausch’s book, “The Last Lecture”-- dedicates himself daily to the obligation to help repair our broken world through good deeds. Many of his writings deal with this theme. 


His acclaimed previous book, THE WHITE HORSE, published in 2014 with second printing in 2016,  proves to both children and adults that prejudice based on superficial characteristics such as skin color is folly, illogical, and contrary to medical science.


His planned next book, to be titled HOW MY DAD LOST HIS HAIR, will be a tribute to his late father. After that, a book titled THE ADVENTURES OF A 15 CENTS HELEN KELLER/ANNE SULLIVAN STAMP. And after that, perhaps a memoir, to be titled MY NOT SO GOOD WAS NOT SO BAD.


He is proud and inspired to live in a community such as Springfield, Illinois, where his commitment to service is shared by countless dedicated souls who daily show him the way to do more and more to help others. Dr. Goodman energetically tells his friends near and far that “The heart and soul of Springfield is its citizens’ selfless dedication to its wondrous number of service and charitable organizations. I just try to keep up with them.”


Eli welcomes all forms of communication from readers and friends.



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