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Eli Goodman, M.D.

Website of humorist, social justice advocate, celebrated author of The White Horse and The Adventures of Abe, The $5 Bill. Also cartoon creator, inventor of the 5-Square game, and the patented Rhetoricon punctuation mark.

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Abe is a $5 bill, and he is the all-knowing, all-seeing narrator of  The Adventures Of Abe, The $5 Bill. Abe vividly recalls the most memorable adventures of his 20-year career in active circulation. 

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Inspired by a real-life revelational experience,  the fable of  The White Horse proves that racism is not only morally wrong, but contrary to biologic science. The White Horse also teaches that one should not judge another by superficial characteristics.

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Eli Goodman M.D.

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Eli Goodman, a polyphasic "congenital Philadelphian," is an internal medicine physician, writer, and community activist. Since 2009 he has happily lived and worked In Springfield, Illinois, the “Land of Lincoln” and the land of decent, unpretentious, hardworking, and caring people. He is well aware that life is a "team game.” Thus he counts himself an infinitely lucky soul to find himself working with and surrounded by terrific friends, family, colleagues, and fellow communitarians. They inspire him to make each day an opportunity to engage in good deeds, gratitude, and, at least a few laughs. 

Much of Eli’s world and creative output appear on this website.



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